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Zentainer Flow

Our Goal: To make Kubernetes Infrastructure Really, Really Easy

Our Hypothesis: You'd like the power of containerization and Kubernetes infrastructure, but would rather focus on your own development process.

Our Solution: You build it, Zentainer deploys it, in a cost-effective manner that's easy to control + monitor.

Incredibly Easy

Link your repo, set your parameters, and deploy!

Monitoring + Alerting

Zentainer automatically monitors your clusters

Kubernetes: really easy


“I stand up a lot of web facing things and want to harness the power of containerization and Kubernetes, but don’t know where to start."


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Power-User Mode

“I’ve built docker images, but configuring Kubernetes is unintuitive at best, and a time-vampire at worst."


Web-based GUI & CLI, Link a repo, set your cluster parameters, hit go. Easy.

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“We need Wizard-Level Kubernetes assistance.”


World-Class Kubernetes migration and deployment expertise. Sold in blocks of 20 hours. Remotely or In-person on the Colorado Front Range

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